Scuba diving liveaboards by country (A-Z)

Diving in the ice cold waters of Antartica


Explore the crystal clear waters around the South Pole

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Liveaboard the Ortelius in the Artic


Polar bear expeditions, Artic sealife and diving next and under the ice

Wildlife (Koala) in Australia


Australia - famous for its Australian land and marine life

Bahamas - Shark below the boat


Ready to dive between the reef - and tiger sharks or to turn upside down in the ''washing machine''?

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Liveaboard - Belize Aggressor III


Dive at the incredible dive site such as the Painted Wall, Half Moon Caye Wall, Quebrada and the Blue Hole

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Cayman Islands - Liveaboard Cayman Aggressor V

Cayman Islands

Dive with sting-rays, turtles and nurse sharks and dive on the famous ex-submarine rescue vessel, the Kittiwake wreck

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A scuba diving liveaboard at Malpelo Island, Colombia


Around Malpelo island, only accessible by a liveaboard, you can dive with schools of hammerhead - and silky sharks

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A liveaboard in the waters of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Cocos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered one of the best diving sites in the world

4 men are playing music in the streets of Trinidad


The Cuban way: Rum, cigars and music. Cuba also offers untouched marine life in the reserves Jardines de la Reina and the Canarreos Archipelago

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Djibouti - Liveaboard


The combination of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. If you like to swim with whale sharks, Djibouti should be on your bucket list

A drone shot from the beach in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

This is one of the few places where you can snorkel with the magnificent Humpback Whales

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A view from the lighthouse on the Brother Islands, Egypt


The country where the deserts meets the Red Sea. Dive in the colorful sea, surrounded by sharks, dolphins, turtles and Dugongs

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A tropical view of the palm trees on Fiji


333 islands | Ready to enjoy the Fijian macro - and micro marine life? Don't forget to shoot your perfect island life photo's

Galapagos - Liveaboard - School of hammerhead sharks


Hammerhead sharks, iguanas, whale sharks, Galapagos sharks - and tortoise. We need more words to describe the Galapagos...

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A scenic view of Santorini, Greece


An undiscovered diving destination. Dive around one of the many islands and start you search for seahorses, crabs and octopuses

The city Anitgua, Guatemala, is on the list of UNESCO of world heritage sites.


Explore the Caribbean waters of Guatemala and Belize and enjoy the stunning wall dives and coral gardens

A scenic view of the mountains of Hawaii, United Stated


Explore the waters around the vulcanic islands of the Hawaii archipelago and enjoy the Hawaiian marine life

A jetty with boats in Honduras


Dive around the bay islands of Honduras, known about the whale sharks, lobsters, rays and black coral

Boats on the beach at the Andaman Islands, India


Ready for some spicy dives around the Andaman islands? Due to the remote location, you will find untouched reef and numerous fish species

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The colorful Mandarin Fish can only be seen in Indonesia around sunset


One of the world best diving countries! Komodo island and Raja Ampat should be on your bucketlist

A liveaboard in the waters of Italy


The Tuscan Archipelago National Park, including Elba island, brings you the beautiful marine life of the Mediterranean sea

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The famous baobab trees in Madagascar


Nosy Be and Nosy Mitsio, located in the north of Madagascar, are famous for spotting sharks, mantas, whale sharks and turtles

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A school of Barracudas in the waters of Malaysia


Explore Saba, Sipadan, Mabul for outstanding muck diving and Barracuda point to dive between thousands of barracudas

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One of the many white beaches in the Maldives


Every atoll offers you an unique diving experience. Drift diving is usual, but comes along with mantas, sharks and whale sharks

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The Great White Shark can be spotted around Guadalupe Island, Mexico


Great white sharks, mantas and dolphins. Ready to take one of the liveaboards to Socorro, Guadalupe or the Sea of Cortez?

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An airplane wreck in the blue waters of Micronesia


Go wreck diving in Truk lagoon or go diving between thousands of jellyfishes in Palau.

Hundreds of balloons above Myanmar


Recently opened for tourists, the Mergui archipelago offers you untouched dive sports with colorful marine life

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A whaleshark in the waters of Oman


Leopard sharks, whale sharks, zebra sharks and and sperm whales can be found around the Daymaniyat and Hallaniyat Islands

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A view of a beach on Coiba Island, Panama


Located in the pacific ocean, Malpelo island, Coiba Island and Hannibal banks will provide you with stunning dive sites

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A yellow seahorse in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

An off the beaten track. WWII wrecks, seahorses, and mantas will give you an unforgettable experience

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A drone view of the reefs in the south of Cebu Island, Philippines


Ready for island hopping, exploring crystal clear waters and white beaches and enjoying the tropical vibe of the Philippines?

A view of the tropical island Bora Bora


Dreaming about inhabitant islands or seeing Bora Bora? Explore the perfect beaches after diving

Dolphins are swimming the shallow blue waters of Saba - St. Kitts

Saba / St. Kitts

Dive into the Caribbean waters around Saba and St. Kitts. Stare at the ocean as dolphins might pop up on your trip

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Seychelles - a liveaboard on a sail yacht


Dive around one of the 115 islands. Famous dive spots are Mahé Island, La Digue and the outer islands

A liveaboard to the Soloman Islands

Solomon islands

One of the few destinations where you can behold the magnificent WWII wrecks

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A view of the sunset near one of the islands of Spain


Join a liveaboard and dive around the islands Ibiza and Formentera or take the boat to the Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean

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A drone shot from a beach with boats in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

WWII wrecks, whales, tuna, reef sharks and much more - Sri Lanka offers you all kind of dive spots

A low fly over of an airplane at St. Maarten

St. Maarten

Accessible to every level of diver, diving in the turquoise waters around St Maarten is enjoyable and relaxed

The flag of Thailand on front of a liveaboard


This touristic friendly country in Asia offers you various beautiful liveaboards in different hot spots

Tonga is know for its sightings of Humpback whales


Part of Polynesia, Tonga is the place to be for snorkeling/diving with humpback whales

A lion fish in the waters of Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos

The Columbus passage, which divide Turks and Caicos from each other, is being used by the big marine life as transit zone

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A black and yellow nudibranch


Close to Fiji and the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu offers stunning drop-offs, mighty ship wrecks and diverse marine life

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A drone shot from the beaches in Venezuela


A hidden gem. Venezuela is not considered a popular diving destination, but the Los Roques National Marine Park is gorgeous

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Virgin Islands - Liveaboards

Virgin Islands

Part of the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands is known for its beautiful waters, wrecks and dazzling marine life such as turtles, lobsters, and nurse sharks

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A view of the waterfront from a liveaboard in Yemen


Colorful corals, sharks, dolphins - diving in Yemen , and especially around Socotra island, will be an extraordinary trip.

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